The Regulars:

Daily Rosary after morning Mass (except Sunday)

Monday Morning Helpers Group


Centering prayer meditation at The Open Door 7.00pm

The Open Door is part of the St John of God Ministries, 110 Ann St, Dandenong. (ph. 9791 8664)

Wednesday Friendship Club- lunch at RSL
First Sunday of the Month Hospitality Sunday - Cuppa's
Third Sunday of the Month Presentation of Baptism candidates at 10.30am Mass, followed by Baptism preparation
  Youth Group after 5.30 Mass
Fourth Sunday of the Month

Baptism at 10.30am Mass


13th August Baptism Meeting
14th August First Communion Classes Commence
14th August Vigil Mass 7pm The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
15th August 9.15am Mass The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin



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